AIDB Avian Influenza DataBase

Terms of Use


A member is a user who has completed the membership registration application and issued ID and password according to the Term of Use.

Members are not obliged to deposit data on the website (, but members are divided into ‘users depositing data' and 'users only using public data'. Therefore, depending on the membership, access to the data may be restricted.

Membership withdrawal and suspension

1. If a member wishes to withdraw, he/she will apply for withdrawal on the website.

2. If a member falls under any of the following cases, the member may be suspended or deprived of his/her membership without a separate notification.

1) If you made a mistake in the registration details

2) When the user interrupts the operation of this website, such as stealing personal information of other members or interfering with the use of other members

3) If it is recognized that the honor of this website has been damaged externally